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Don’t be Scammed by ‘Immigration Consultants’

Like Federal bankruptcy law, the U.S. immigration law is code driven. This area of law is not only complex and confusing, but a quagmire even for the most experienced attorney. Oftentimes, immigrants are preyed upon by so-called “immigration consultants.” Therefore, whether you’re already in the U.S. and going through immigration process or outside the physical borders of U.S. and are trying to immigrate to the U.S., it is imperative that you consult with an actual immigration attorney before doing anything. Otherwise, watch-out for these signs to spot potential scammers.

Useful tips to help spot scammers:

1.      No one can guarantee a successful outcome in an immigration case—even licensed attorneys (myself included). Therefore, runaway when someone offers you a “guaranteed” win for your case.

2.      Second, watch-out for so-called “hook ups.” The U.S. immigration system cannot be manipulated—even though the system has its flaws, contrary to what the “consultant” may tell you, you can’t bribe immigration officials, period.

3.      Finally, not everyone can read or write in the English language. Unfortunately, all immigration petitions/applications/forms must be completed in English. As such, whenever you use a third-party to complete a form on your behalf, make sure they not only write their name on it, but sign it too, even if he/she is your cousin (Yes, I am talking to my African friends here). In addition, if the “consultant” is getting you documents (please verify them first) or if you’re asked to get fake documents, you probably need another person to handle your matter. Bottom line is this, if you’re caught, your chances of immigrating to the U.S. or if already in the country, your chances of getting any immigration relief will be ZERO/NADA. 


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