Be as Prepared as Possible for Potential Disasters and Emergencies

Natural disasters are devastating.  Knowing what to do when faced with a disaster or emergency can help minimize the tragedy.  Be informed, make a plan and create a survival kit before disaster strikes.  Where can you go to find resources to help?


  1. Be Prepared.  The American Red Cross provides extensive interactive resources.  Also, you can download emergency mobile apps at for lifesaving tips!  Another great place to find helpful preparedness information is the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) at


  1. Monitor Hazardous Weather Conditions. Go to NOAA Watch at to learn the facts about weather-related hazards in your area.


After a disaster, many businesses, volunteer organizations and people come together to provide assistance to victims.  Unfortunately, there are also criminals who prey on the survivors of natural disasters by offering fraudulent services.  Learn how to spot and report fraud via FEMA at