Lawton & Cates Acquires the Practice Areas of Krek & Associates

Lawton & Cates acquired the practice areas of Krek & Associates effective September 1, 2011. Attorney Raymond Krek recently passed away. His wife, Gayle Krek, initiated the acquisition.

“I believe that the move to Lawton & Cates will be beneficial both for clients and for the attorneys who will be moving into the firm. The new firm will offer access to several experienced lawyers across many practice areas,” said Gayle Krek, President, Krek & Associates, S.C. “The additional depth in both the number of attorneys and the greater variety of expertise will undoubtedly better serve all of our clients,” she added. “Raymond would be very pleased to know Lawton & Cates acquired his practice areas. He had high regard for the firm,” concluded Gayle Krek.