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Lawton & Cates Sly in the Morning Interviews

Radio Interviews of Lawton Cates' Lawyers on Sly in the Morning
Employment Law- Kate Harrell
Kate Harrell is on the Sly in the Morning show to talk about employment law, specifically job references. She talks about what you should do as an employer and as an employee when handling job references. For example, it is illegal for a former employer to lie to a potential future employer about you. Helpful information for anyone searching for a job, or anyone who has to give out professional references.
Criminal Defense: Drunk Driving - David Stegall
David Stegall is on Sly in the Morning talking about drinking and driving. They discuss the best way to avoid an OWI, not drinking, and what to do if you are in a situation where you have been drinking and driving. Helpful tips for how to avoid an OWI or to get the most reduced sentence if you are pulled over for one.
Car Insurance- Kent Carnell
Kent Carnell is on Sly in the Morning to talk about what happens if you get into an accident with a truck such as a garbage truck or a semi truck. He talks about the process you must go through with the insurance company and the times that you would need legal representation. He also talks about this process whether you are the driver of the truck or the driver of a vehicle in the collision.
Criminal Defense - Dan Lenz
Attorney Daniel Lenz is on the Sly in the Morning show talking about criminal cases in the retail setting. He talks specifically about a case that he won recently where a woman confessed to stealing from her employer even though she did not commit the crime. Dan talks about what you should do if you are ever in this type of situation and the ways to best look after your interests.
Criminal Defense: Drunk Driving (OWI) - Kate Harrell
Attorney Kate Harrell is on the Sly in the Morning show talking about drunk driving and what happens if you get an OWI. She talks about the common misconceptions that people have about drunk driving and the steps you should take if you find yourself in this position.
Torts and Tort Reform - Dixon Gahnz
Attorney Dixon Gahnz explains what torts are in lawsuits. He discusses with Sly how the tort reform that many politicians are promoting limits a plaintiff's ability to seek justice or get justice in a court of law. Tort reform limits access to justice, which is really an attack on your constitutional rights - the 7th Amendment. Attorney Gahnz dispels the myth that Wisconsin is a litigious society. Whereas business litigation and contract disputes are increasing in number, lawsuits filed by individuals has either remained level or decreased over the past years.
Arbitrating Nursing Home Disputes - Dixon Gahnz
Forced arbitration clauses are unfair and they are being used almost ubiquitously in many industries. In forced arbitration, consumers lose the right to go to court to settle disputes with businesses. Instead, they must go before private tribunals that are chosen by businesses. Dixon Gahnz discusses this prevalent problem with Sly.
Car Insurance - Kent Carnell
Kent Carnell speaks on Sly in the Morning about car insurance. He explains what collision insurance coverage and discusses when you should hire an attorney to help deal with claims adjusters.
Workers Compensation - Kent Carnell & Dixon Gahnz
Attorneys Kent Carnell and Dixon Gahnz discuss workers compensation claims with Sly. They discuss what you should do when injured on the job, including how to protect yourself when faced with adverse or independent medical exams.
Business Trumps Consumer Rights...Again - Kent Carnell
Attorney Kent Carnell discusses the 2011 Wisconsin Act 2 that made changes to the product liability laws in Wisconsin. Previously, the law held that it was better for the industry that created a problem (injury) to pay rather than have society have to pay. The new law puts the burden on consumers. He explains that Senate Bill 373, which was recently passed, applies this law retroactively. So, even those injured prior to the passage of this law and those cases that have already been put in suit prior to the enactment of the law are affected.
Current Wisconsin Tenant Landlord Rules - Dixon Gahnz
Attorney Dixon Gahnz discusses the Wisconsin's Landlord Tenant Rules. Senate Bill 107, which was recently passed by the legislature, has removed some consumer protections. Specifically, it removes security deposit limits and allows landlords to consider the arrest records of potential tenants.
Hot Coffee Discussion with Dixon Gahnz and Sly
The Hot Coffee documentary uncovers campaign to limit your rights. Attorney Dixon Gahnz discusses three myths: 1) Injury lawsuits are out of control, 2) Damage caps work, and 3) Judicial elections are all fair. The truth is that tort (personal injury) filings have been dropping, accounting for less than 5 percent of all civil caseloads in a 2008 seven-state study. Yet, contract cases most often filed by businesses now hog more than 50 percent of the court docket. Regarding damage caps, capping damages on medical malpractice cases does nothing to hold down health care costs, while deaths and serious inuries from medical mistakes continue to occur at alarming rates. The truth about judicial elections is that the U.S. Chamber of Commerce spent "nearly $35 million" in 2008 on pro-business candidates, including state Supreme Court judges, and was ranked first among "Super Spenders" on state judicial elections, 2000 to 2009.
Consumer Law with Kent Carnell and Levi Bjork
Kent Carnell & Levi Bjork on Sly in the Morning
Dixon Gahnz Current Wisconsin Legislation
Lawton & Cates Interview with Sly in the Morning, Current Medical Field Legislation etc...
Social Security Disability Benefits
Attorneys Dan Lenz and Kent Carnell discuss social security disability and supplemental income with Sly.
Nursing Home Neglect and Abuse - Dixon Gahnz
Attorney Dixon Gahnz discusses nursing home neglect and how Wisconsin's laws protect elderly patients.
Workers Compensation - Kent Carnell
Attorney Kent Carnell discusses Workers Compensation with Sly
Discrimination Laws - Levi Bjork and Dixon Gahnz
Attorneys Dixon Gahnz and Levi Bjork discuss Wisconsin's discrimination laws with Sly
Business Litigation - Kent Carnell
Attorney Kent Carnell discusses business litigation and contract disputes.
Medical Malpractice - James Gardner
Attorney Jim Gardner discusses medical malpractice and negligence cases.