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When can maintenance be modified?

Shane Falk discusses when it may be possible to modify maintenance.

Following a judgement that awards a person maintenance, it is possible to have that maintenance modified. If you're a payor of maintenance and you're responsible for a large maintenance payment but you lose your job. We saw this happen after the 2008 wall street collapse. A lot of my clients ended up suffering significantly as a result of the downturn of the economy. It may be possible to go back into court and have the judge review the maintenance order and adjust it. Another factor that may cause maintenance to be modified is if the spouse that's receiving the payment remarries. In most circumstances, remarriage terminates maintenance, but not always. It depends on the language of your order. The third thing that could be a factor in whether or not maintenance is modified after a divorce is if your ex-spouse's financial condition substantially improves. If that occurs, and she gets back to the point, or he gets back to the point of what financial wealth he had, or she had, at the time of the marriage, that may be grounds for maintenance to be terminated.

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