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What are Partial Marital Settlement Agreements?

After the temporary order, the parties can continue to cooperate and attempt to reach further agreements. These agreements can be reduced to writing and presented to the court either as a partial martial settlement agreement or a full marital settlement agreement. A partial martial settlement agreement is just what it sounds like, it addresses some of the issues and indicates to the court that there has been an agreement reached on some of those issues. It is my custom and practice to work with my clients to try and work through child related issues first. I will often encourage my clients to work together to try and reach an agreement on custody and placement and if we’re able to do that we can reduce that into writing in the form of a partial marital settlement agreement. So while the rest of the issues may remain contested or at least unresolved, we can submit the partial marital settlement agreement to the court. If approved by the court, indicated by a signed order, those issues are then forever resolved in this divorce proceeding.

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