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What is a contested divorce?

Shane Falk explains contested divorce.

A contested divorce is one of the unfortunate circumstances where the parties cannot agree on something, whether it be property division, maintenance or child support, or property division itself. Often it involves debts and they struggle over who should be responsible for which debt, who gets to take care of the children. In those circumstances it does require court hearings. It does require a judge ultimately making the decision on what happens. I generally advise my clients that your best scenario is "known."  A "known" is when you settle and you agree to terms that you may not be happy with entirely, but both sides compromise because you don't know what a judge is going to do.

Note: A “known settlement” refers to the client knowing exactly what they receive and what their obligations are, rather than having a judge or someone else decide and being stuck with terms, conditions, language that may be problematic.

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