What is Surrogacy?

If adults are not able to conceive children on their own, surrogacy is an option that is available. Surrogacy is an area of law in Wisconsin that continues to be developed. There are very few family law attorneys that have experience in surrogacy matters. It is of particular importance that if this is an option that you are considering, that you seek out a family law attorney that has prior experience with surrogacy cases.

There are several participants in a surrogacy and each of them may need their own attorney. First of all, there is the intended parent or parents. They most certainly should have their own attorney. In addition, there is the carrier, the person who carries the child to term. That person should also have an attorney. In addition, there is a child that is intended to be conceived. The court will appoint a guardian ad litem to represent the best interests of this intended child. In addition, there may be donors that wish to seek counsel on the implications of their involvement in the surrogacy. 

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