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Have you ever been promised millions of dollars by the Nigerian Secretary of something or other? What about a bait and switch scheme? Or, have you bought a new car that has problems the minute you drive it off the lot? These are a sampling of Wisconsin consumer law issues you may face. The lawyers at Lawton & Cates have sued credit card companies for tacking on extra charges, automobile dealers for "lemon law" violations, and other entities for other consumer law related matters.

Lawton & Cates worked with the University of Wisconsin Law School to found the Consumer Law Clinic. We continue to work with the Clinic to help consumers get a fair shake in the marketplace.

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  • Lemon Law Claims
  • Problems With Repairs Or Improvements Your Home Or Yard
  • Deceptive Or Unfair Treatment When Purchasing A Product Or Service
  • Problems Or Fraud Concerning Something Ordered Or Received By Mail
  • Deceptive Or Unfair Door To Door Selling Practices
  • Faulty Or Unsafe Products
  • Phone Calls Or Mailings That Indicate You May Be A Sweepstakes Prizewinner
  • Problems With Bills Or Services Received From The Phone Or Cable Company
  • Problems With Credit Standing - Being Turned Down For Credit
  • Deceptive Or Unfair Disclosure Of Terms Of Credit While Making A Purchase Or Borrowing Money
  • Debt Collection And Problems With Harassing Tactics And Phone Calls
  • Problems With An Investment In A Business Opportunity Or Multi-Level Plan That Did Not Turn Out As Promised
  • There Are A Number Of Other Specific Areas That Are Covered By Consumer Protection Laws, They Include Health Spas And Fitness Centers, Future Service Plans, Dating Services, Ticket Sales, Cemetery Lots, Proper Weights And Measures, Unsolicited Goods Or Services, Energy And Safety Claims And Deceptive Offers Of Employment.