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Consumer Law

Have you ever been promised millions of dollars by the Nigerian Secretary of something or other? What about a bait and switch scheme? Or, have you bought a new car that has problems the minute you drive it off the lot? These are a sampling of Wisconsin consumer law issues you may face. The lawyers at Lawton & Cates have sued credit card companies for tacking on extra charges, automobile dealers for "lemon law" violations, and other entities for other consumer law related matters.

Lawton & Cates worked with the University of Wisconsin Law School to found the Consumer Law Clinic. We continue to work with the Clinic to help consumers get a fair shake in the marketplace.

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  • Lemon Law Claims
  • Problems With Repairs Or Improvements Your Home Or Yard
  • Deceptive Or Unfair Treatment When Purchasing A Product Or Service
  • Problems Or Fraud Concerning Something Ordered Or Received By Mail
  • Deceptive Or Unfair Door To Door Selling Practices
  • Faulty Or Unsafe Products
  • Phone Calls Or Mailings That Indicate You May Be A Sweepstakes Prizewinner
  • Problems With Bills Or Services Received From The Phone Or Cable Company
  • Problems With Credit Standing - Being Turned Down For Credit
  • Deceptive Or Unfair Disclosure Of Terms Of Credit While Making A Purchase Or Borrowing Money
  • Debt Collection And Problems With Harassing Tactics And Phone Calls
  • Problems With An Investment In A Business Opportunity Or Multi-Level Plan That Did Not Turn Out As Promised

There Are A Number Of Other Specific Areas That Are Covered By Consumer Protection Laws, they Include:

  • Health Spas And Fitness Centers
  • Future Service Plans
  • Dating Services
  • Ticket Sales
  • Cemetery Lots
  • Proper Weights And Measures
  • Unsolicited Goods Or Services
  • Energy And Safety Claims And Deceptive Offers Of Employment