Madison Criminal Defense Attorneys

Contact our law firms criminal defense attorneys in Madison Wisconsin. Mistakes can cost you. They can threaten your relationships, your job and even your freedom. Experienced criminal defense lawyers at Lawton & Cates in Madison, Wisconsin have a long history of providing strong, aggressive representation for individuals facing criminal charges.

What Should You Do If You Have Been Charged With a Crime?

Contact an criminal defense attorney who handles criminal cases as soon as possible. The law demands that anyone charged with a crime is innocent until proven guilty beyond all reasonable doubt. It is our obligation to you to ensure that this standard is upheld and followed.

What Can Lawton & Cates Defense Lawyers do for you?

Lawton and Cates criminal defense lawyers in Madison and Dane County can advise you on the law. We will assess your criminal matter and help you to understand the charges leveled against you. We will discuss possible defenses to the charges and possible penalties if you are convicted of a crime.We make it our policy to strongly advocate on your behalf and to pursue all possible defenses. We conduct thorough investigations and treat clients with honesty, dignity and respect. We approach every case with integrity and focus. We listen to you and will focus on your litigation needs.

Criminal Traffic Matters

The majority of criminal traffic citations are issued for offenses such as operating a motor vehicle while drunk, reckless driving, endangering safety, hit and run, eluding an officer, and operating a motor vehicle after revocation. Sometimes these tickets result in loss of driving privileges, jail, probation and a fine. Defense attorneys in Madison can advise you on how your case will affect your ability to drive. If necessary, we can help you obtain an occupational license and can assist you with commercial drivers' licensing issues. We can help you reinstate your driving privileges if they have been revoked for points or if you have a record of being an habitual traffic offender. We can help you reduce your points if you are close to a revocation or suspension for points.

Preserve All Documents

Be sure the proper authorities are contacted immediately and the appropriate reports are completed. Police should be contacted for automobile accidents and a supervisor or company official for work accidents.

Misdemeanors and Felonies

A crime is considered a misdemeanor if the potential punishment is for a year or less in jail. It is considered a felony when the law provides for imprisonment for longer than one year. We have extensive experience trying both misdemeanor and felony cases related to thefts, murders, rapes, bar fights, domestic violence and other criminal matters. We will fully investigate your case and develop the strongest defense for your needs.

If You Have to Go to Jail

There may be alternatives to serving your sentence in jail. Our criminal defense attorneys in Madison can help you arrange for work release privileges, home detention, or electronic monitoring with Dane County Sheriff..