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Know Your Employment Rights
Discrimination, Harassment and the At-Will Employee
Auto Safety Crisis Spurs Record Year of Recalls
Last year, automakers recalled a record number of cars for serious safety defects. Sadly, it was too late for far too many Americans injured or killed because of these defects. Here's a look at the latest on recalls and road safety.
To Uber or Not to Uber? Ridesharing Faces Controversy
The big technology story for 2014 is Uber, the wildly popular ridesharing app that has revolutionized the taxi business. Great ideas, however, often experience growing pains. This month we bring you up to speed on possible safety risks using of Uber.
So Your Kids Want a Video Game. Now What?
Invariably, every parent is confronted with questions about video games for his or her kids. Knowing that video games top many wish lists for holiday gift giving, we thought a little inside information on the topic might be helpful. Happy holidays!
Tips for a Safe Holiday Season
The holiday season is fast approaching. And that means decorating the house, planning family visits and attending lots of celebrations. So here's a checklist to help you and those close to you have a happy and safe holiday this year.
Backlog Improves, But Vets Still Struggle for Benefits
One of our nation's most sacred promises to veterans is that we will take care of them if they are hurt in battle. But that promise is too often broken. As Veterans Day approaches on Nov. 11, we take a closer look at the issue of veterans' benefits.
“Tort Reform” Threatens Our Constitutional Liberties
The right to a trial is America's great equalizer, protecting individuals from those with more power and influence. We should all be aware and concerned whenever this right is threatened, as we discuss in this month's issue of You Should Know.
Courageous Americans Turn Grief into Action
Read about how ordinary people took extraordinary action to pursue justice, and in the process, helped protect the safety and legal rights of others. We think these stories represent the best of our civil justice system in action.
More Kids Left in Hot Cars
Every summer we read the sad news of children dying from heatstroke after being left in a hot car - one every 10 days, according to the statistics. Share this information with everyone you know and help us prevent these tragedies.
Guide to Grilling Fun and Safety
If you aren't grilling already, you probably will be soon – or at least joining friends and family for a festive summer barbeque. So whether you are wearing the apron or are just a hungry bystander, here are some timely tips on fun and safe grilling.
Family’s Search for Answers Uncovers Fatal Flaw in GM Cars
Revelations that GM chose profit over safety highlight once again why it is so important to stand up for every American's constitutional right to pursue justice in a court of law. It is the great equalizer between the individual and the powerful.
Women Alert to Harmful Drugs
Knowledge is important in navigating the safety issues around the use of prescription drugs and medical devices. This is especially true for women, who are marketed to heavily by pharmaceutical companies hoping to cash in on their health care needs.
Vigilance Key to Safer Workplaces
Employees have a right to a safe and healthy workplace. Employers also benefit by helping prevent on-the-job injuries. Working together, we can continue the recent trend in America toward a safer workplace. Check out these helpful tips and resources.
Report Puts Medical Errors as Third Leading Cause of Death
The last thing on your mind when you go to a hospital is the possibility that you will be hurt instead of helped. But that is exactly what's happening to thousands of Americans every year. Patient safety can help you protect yourself and others.
Taking Care of Mom and Dad
Assisted living started out as an alternative for seniors who needed a little help with their day-to-day needs. But now it has become a big business that isn't always consistently scrutinized. Use this guide to find quality care for your loved one.
Law clinic offers consumers court access, protection
Lawton & Cates helps establish the University of Wisconsin's Consumer Law Clinic
Wisconsin Law Journal Awards Attorney Kate Harrell With Up and Coming Lawyer Achievement
Attorney Kate Harrell has been recognized by the Wisconsin Law Journal as an outstanding young lawyer. She has demonstrated leadership skills, has successfully achieved legal outcomes early in her career and contributes to the community.
Row-trolling way to go for Madison muskie fisherman
The Wisconsin State Journal published an article authored by Patrick Durkin about muskie fishing stories with Attorneys Jim Olson and Scott Hassett.
Some injured workers left waiting for compensation checks after GEF-1 fire
Attorney Kent Carnell explains that injured people's workers compensation checks have been delayed due to the fire in the GEF-1 building last week.
Trusty trustee leaves village post
Attorney Dixon Gahnz opted not to seek re-election as trustee for the Village of DeForest after serving six years.

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