Every year, the injuries and accidents attributed to farming number in the thousands. The work done on the farms to help feed America and the world does not come without its hazards and when a person is injured doing that work, they deserve fair compensation. Particularly if that accident was caused by negligence involving equipment, safety violations, or other agricultural work.

LawtonCates brings over 65 years of experience to the table. In cases that are often complex, our Madison farm accident injury lawyers have a nuanced understanding of what needs to be investigated, and we’ve delivered a proven track record of results for our clients. While previous results can’t guarantee the outcome in a future case, they can certainly give injured plaintiffs confidence that the entire team here at LawtonCates knows what they’re doing and understands what it takes to win.

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Common Farm Accidents & Injuries

Combine heavy equipment and hazardous chemicals with the unpredictability that comes from dealing with farm animals, and you have the potential for any number of accidents.

Some of the most common injuries can start with tractor overturns, fires, electrocutions, or exposure to chemicals. Serious accidents can happen with incidents around the grain bins and silos, or from being struck by falling equipment. A worker could be trampled by one of the animals.

As they work in the heat of summer, employees might suffer exhaustion or even a stroke. And then there are the more basic injuries that simply come from repetitive motion, such as sprains. These incidents, so long as they can be traced to one’s employment, can make a financial settlement the appropriate remedy.

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Farm Accident Liability in Wisconsin

Under Wisconsin law, employers classified as being in the agricultural industry must offer workers’ compensation coverage so long as they have at least six employees, and those workers are employed for at least 20 days in a single calendar year. If an employer does not meet that minimum criteria, their injured workers will likely need to file a personal injury lawsuit to obtain the compensation they need.

It bears noting that even employees who are eligible for workers’ comp should explore their options regarding a personal injury claim if they believe it’s possible that negligence was the cause of their injury. Workers’ compensation benefits are limited and often cannot account for the full scope of how much an employee’s life has been damaged. It takes a personal injury settlement to do that. And a fair settlement takes Madison farm accident injury attorneys who know what questions to ask and what issues to raise in the negotiation of that settlement.

Madison Farm Accident Lawyers You Can Trust

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