Although defendants carry the presumption of innocence, it surely does not feel that way while an OWI case is pending. In the vast majority of cases, the only way to achieve a successful result is to act on the defendant’s constitutional right to a jury trial and require the government to prove its allegations beyond a reasonable doubt. Our OWI attorneys practice throughout the State and have earned a track record of successfully defending our clients when it matters most – in a court room during a trial.

Deciding to hire an attorney is an important decision. When your personal and professional reputation is on the line and your liberty is at risk you need representation by attorneys committed to providing you with the best possible legal defense. Highlighted below are a couple of our more recent successful OWI cases.

State of Wisconsin v. Robert C.

Attorney David Stegall successfully represented his client in a Dane County criminal OWI case with a .17 BAC level. Robert was charged with an OWI-3rd offense and facing mandatory jail time, which put his job at risk. Attorney Stegall assiduously reviewed the police reports and driving record and discovered an error with one of Robert’s old prior convictions. Attorney Stegall filed a motion challenging that old conviction and prevailed. The end result was the third offense criminal charge was amended to a non-criminal traffic citation, which eliminated any possibility of a jail sentence and loss of employment.

City of Madison v. Christopher W.

Attorney David Stegall represented Christopher who was charged with an OWI first offense with a .18 BAC level. The case took on additional importance because Christopher had a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) and needed that license for work. Put simply, if Christopher was convicted of OWI he would lose his job and put his career in the trucking industry at risk. Attorney Stegall rejected all plea offers and demanded a trial. At trial, Attorney Stegall prevailed and all of the citations were dismissed.

State of Wisconsin v. Nicholas L.

Nicholas found himself in a tough situation. He had a pending OWI-2nd offense with a very high BAC (.24). Nicholas had a CDL license and needed that license for work. If he was convicted of OWI he would lose his job causing his family thousands of dollars in lost wages in addition to a mandatory jail sentence. Undeterred Attorney Stegall filed a motion attacking the blood sample, which the court granted. Attorney Stegall successfully defended Nicholas against two attempts to convict him at trial. The first case ended in a mistrial. Halfway through the second trial the State offered Nicholas a plea deal that essentially ended the case without incurring an OWI conviction.

Do not let one bad night affect you the rest of your life. If you have a pending OWI case anywhere in Wisconsin contact our criminal defense attorneys to discuss your case in private during a free initial consultation.