Year: 2014

Home is where we should feel most safe and secure. Home is where we celebrate with friends and family, raise our children and grow old with those we love. “Peace – that was the other name for home,” wrote poet Kathleen Norris. But too often that peace is shattered by unintentional injuries. You should know […]

Traffic deaths are up 6 percent since 2010, pushing U.S. road fatalities to the highest level in a decade. However, the percentage increase in pedestrian deaths is far outpacing those on the road, jumping 25 percent from 2010 to 2015. Walkers on smartphones, bicyclists ignoring traffic rules – coupled with distracted driving – are a […]

There are a lot of extraordinary people and organizations dedicated to protecting the safety and legal rights of Americans. Of course our brave clients who decide to stand up for their rights are the first line of defense in holding corporations and powerful special interests accountable. Then there are those legislators and public servants throughout […]

Integrity Insurance Promises Not to Bargain on the Value of the Car If you get hurt in a car accident, there are hundreds of things to be done. The last thing you want to do is fight with your own insurance company over the value of your car, but if you have to, we can […]

Labor Day weekend is over and summer is in the rear view mirror. New backpacks are crammed full of the tools of learning: laptops, books, pens, pencils, notebooks and more. But what about the tools young drivers need to stay safe on the road? These tips can help the teen drivers in your life get […]

The question my clients ask me most is “Why does the insurance company get to look at my medical records from 15 years ago?” The answers I gave were always unsatisfactory to me, and rested largely with the idea that discovery is wide open and the insurance companies get to dig around in the medical […]

Most people believe that when it comes to used cars, it’s “buyer beware.” But Wisconsin law actually requires used car dealers to make a reasonable inspection before selling the car, and disclosing any defects they find to any potential buyers. Used car dealers also may have an obligation to make repairs on defects they did […]