Year: 2017

Read about how ordinary people took extraordinary action to pursue justice, and in the process, helped protect the safety and legal rights of others. We think these stories represent the best of our civil justice system in action. Many of you know too well the life-changing consequences of a devastating injury. Far too often, tragedy […]

The Center for Disease Control today announced that it was using its emergency powers to prohibit evictions of tenants whose inability to pay full rent is caused by the coronavirus/Covid-19 pandemic. The prohibition will begin shortly, and will continue until December 31, 2020. The order prohibits any residential landlord or management company from evicting any […]

Every summer we read the sad news of children dying from heatstroke after being left in a hot car – one every 10 days, according to the statistics. Share this information with everyone you know and help us prevent these tragedies. You might think it’s impossible to forget there is a kid in a car. […]

Normally at this time we highlight the year’s greatest victories for civil justice. Like forcing automakers to admit that they sold vehicles with exploding airbags or faulty ignition switches. Like holding accountable those who cover up the use of cancer-causing asbestos. Like shedding light on medical devices that fail or cause debilitating side effects. Yes, […]

Foreclosure help and defense attorneys can protect your right to stay in your house. Whether the problem arises from short- or long-term financial changes in your life, or bank misconduct, hiring a knowledgeable lawyer can make all the difference and keep you living in the home you’ve built for your family. We will work with […]

Major revelations of sexual harassment in the workplace have started a long-overdue movement to protect all workers, but most often women, from a long history of abuse. You would think our major corporations would be taking the lead in stamping out these injustices. Instead, way too many are actually doing the opposite by writing “forced […]

In this video I answer the questions I most often receive about obtaining a pardon in Wisconsin. I provide you with a brief overview of the Governor’s pardon power and list the four criteria you must meet in order to be eligible to receive a pardon. If you feel one of our attorneys in Madison may be able […]