Category: Civil Justice

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The battle between debtors and debt collectors has been raging for years. In recent times, law changes have given debtors a fighting chance. Even though these law changes haven’t shifted the odds to favor debtors, the balance of power has shifted enough that desperate debt collectors have resorted to committing offenses that violate consumer protection law. […]

EXHIBIT 1: The Public Relations Campaign When the news broke in 1994 that 79-year-old Stella Liebeck won $2.9 million in punitive damages from McDonald’s for spilling hot coffee in her lap, the talk show pundits, comedians and news media went crazy. But instead of running from a story that many still believe epitomizes “jackpot justice,” […]

When courageous people step forward and seek accountability through our system of civil justice, good things happen. Manufacturers make safer products. Health care providers improve care. Employers create safer working conditions. Now the brave survivors of human trafficking are turning to the civil justice system for accountability, as you will read in this month’s newsletter. […]

Normally at this time we highlight the year’s greatest victories for civil justice. Like forcing automakers to admit that they sold vehicles with exploding airbags or faulty ignition switches. Like holding accountable those who cover up the use of cancer-causing asbestos. Like shedding light on medical devices that fail or cause debilitating side effects. Yes, […]

Attorney David Stegall blogs about what happens if someone is arrested and the rights that they have. He talks about a specific case, State v. Lemoine and what happened during that interrogation. He talks about police coercion and what you should do and shouldn’t do if you are ever in this type of a situation. […]