Category: Workers’ Compensation

There was a time when the insurance company would hire an investigator to follow an injured worker around and shoot video of her going about her day. Sometimes the investigator would follow the claimant for weeks, picking and choosing when to turn the camera on. The point of the video surveillance was to show that […]

I read a statistic recently that approximately 80% of injured workers do not contest the insurance company’s denial of their claim. Seeing that number disappointed me because I know injured workers are getting the short end of the stick. Put simply, you work too hard and sacrifice too much to accept the insurance company’s denial of your […]

In this video I will explain your rights and responsibilities regarding the so-called Independent Medical Exam. Here is a preview: It is not independent nor is it a medical exam. If you have a pending workers compensation claim especially, you should check out this video.

Major revelations of sexual harassment in the workplace have started a long-overdue movement to protect all workers, but most often women, from a long history of abuse. You would think our major corporations would be taking the lead in stamping out these injustices. Instead, way too many are actually doing the opposite by writing “forced […]