Drunk Driving Lawyer

If you are arrested for drunk driving (OWI) in Wisconsin, you need a lawyer that knows the law. Lawton & Cates can:
  • Our drunk driving & OWI attorneys can help you get an occupational license so you can get back to work.
  • Our lawyers can help keep you out of jail so you don’t lose your job.
  • Our attorneys can help reduce your fines.

First OWI?  Start Here.

If you or a loved one was arrested for a first offense OWI you probably have a lot of important questions. If you have never been arrested for OWI before, this is a good starting point for you.  In this brief video, Attorney David Stegall explains the benefits of hiring a Lawton & Cates attorney to ensure you obtain the best possible outcome to your case.



2 or More OWIs? Start Here.

If you are facing a second or susequent OWI charge, the government is going to aggressively persue its case against you.  In this video, Attorney David Stegall breifly outline the advantages of having Lawton & Cates handle your case..


Why Hire Attorney David Stegall?

Are you trying to determine which lawyer to hire for your OWI case? Do you want the best possible outcome to your case?  If so, watch Attorney David Stegall as he explains why you should hire Lawton & Cates for your case.



Choosing the Right Representation

If you or someone you care about has been arrested for drunk driving, commonly referred to as OWI or DUI in Wisconsin, one bad night does not have to lead to consequences that can last a lifetime. Cops and prosecutors aggressively pursue OWI cases and the penalties can be severe including mandatory jail time, the loss of driving privileges, and substantial financial penalties.  You need someone to stand up and fight for you.  You have come to the right place for help.

Our drunk driving website is designed to answer many of the common questions that people have following an arrest for drunk driving.  Our criminal defense attorneys handle OWI cases right here in Madison and throughout the State.  Our criminal defense attorneys consistently achieve good results for our clients because we understand the high stakes involved and we are aggressive in defending your good name.  Our OWI Attorneys are capable of defending you during all aspects of your case including collateral administrative suspension hearings through a jury trial if needed.  Our firm has a long tradition of successfully representing our clients at trial.  Put simply, we do everything that we can do to ensure your rights are protected throughout this difficult process. If you are arrested for drunk driving (OWI) in Wisconsin, you need a lawyer that knows the law. You need a lawyer that can help you get an occupational license so you can get back to work. Help keep you out of jail so you don't lose your job. Help you reduce the fines so that one mistake doesn't ruin you financially.

In addition to our experience and expertise, our OWI attorneys and staff provide you with the personal attention that your case deserves.  Our attorneys realize that issues arise outside of normal business hours and therefore are available for consultation at night and on the weekends if necessary.

Hiring an attorney is an important decision that should not be made lightly.  Our attorneys do not simply strive for plea agreements, our criminal defense attorneys strive for justice.  We recognize that an arrest or a pending criminal case can be an embarrassing and stressful experience and we respect our client’s desire to keep the matter private.  Therefore, if you have a specific question related to your OWI case, I encourage you to contact our attorneys to arrange for a free initial consultation or submit a case inquiry to us via the “Submit Your Case” link on the side of the page.  We look forward to fighting for you!

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