Year: 2024

Auto Dealer Agrees To Pay $22,500 To Resolve Claims Of Illegal Conduct.

Kunes Mad City, Kunes Mad City Mitsubishi of Madison, Inc., and Kunes Auto Group agreed to resolve claims brought by a LawtonCates client by paying $22,500 to settle the matter. The plaintiff in the case alleged in her complaint that Kunes had allowed her to leave with a car after telling her that Kunes had […]


Jim Olson, Wisconsin resident and attorney at LawtonCates, is spearheading an essential environmental initiative in the state. This initiative, focused on the “home lake” rule, targets wake boats to address the critical issue of the spread of aquatic invasive species in the state’s lakes. Olson’s petition to the Department of Natural Resources proposes a key solution: restricting wake […]

Do Good

Do Good Wisconsin is a non-profit that showcases the good being done by individuals, organizations, and businesses statewide. The organization comprises volunteers, known as Ambassadors, from around the state who focus on bringing good news to their communities and encouraging others to do the same. DG uses its social media platforms to share stories of everyday […]


The federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) prohibits debt collectors from making false claims about a debt, leading a federal judge to rule that two debt collection companies violated that law and would have to stand trial to determine the damages owed as a result of their failure to acknowledge a debtor’s dispute. Under […]