Category: Consumer Protection Law

Brensten Education, which closed in January 2016, must go to a jury trial on claims brought against it by former students, Judge Pedro Colon in Milwaukee ruled recently. The former students, represented by Briane Pagel and LawtonCates filed suit in 2017, alleging that Brensten’s radio advertisements were misleading and that Brensten failed to deliver on […]

CreditBox, a short term lender that has been a party to over 3,000 lawsuits in Wisconsin, recently paid $55,000 to LawtonCates and its client to settle claims that it had treated a customer unfairly. CreditBox had sued the customer, and gotten a default judgment. The customer then hired LawtonCates and our firm was able to […]

The state Department of Natural Resources and the village of East Troy in Walworth County are the subjects of a potentially precedent-setting lawsuit filed last week by several individuals and two lake management districts over potential damage to a spring-fed lake and nearby wetlands by a proposed municipal high-capacity well. The well could pump 1.4 […]

We see insurance companies in action almost every day. While not all of them act in bad faith, many of the largest companies changed business tactics in the 1990s to maximize profits while minimizing claim payments. Many of these are also the companies with the catchy advertising slogans and the quirky commercials. This month we […]