Year: 2015

Federal officials recently reported a steep increase in roadway deaths throughout the nation in 2015. We suspect that distracted driving is one factor in this increase. This month we urge all our friends and family to help end distracted driving. According to AAA, Americans drive the fewest miles during the winter months. Once April rolls […]

The rise of the opioid epidemic has swept up thousands of people into our criminal justice system over the last decade. Prior representing clients in private practice, I served as an Assistant District Attorney in Milwaukee County for approximately six years. As a prosecutor I saw firsthand that drug crimes cut through all socio-economic classifications. Stated differently, substance […]

The ballot box and the courthouse are two pillars of democracy that have long defined American democracy. We have embraced the notion of one person one vote, and the ability to have our disagreements resolved by a jury of our peers. These ideals have come under attack in Wisconsin this year and the result is bad […]

The Eminent Domain Process In Wisconsin; A General Overview Chapter 32 of the Wisconsin Statutes lists the entities entitled to use eminent domain powers to take private property for a public purpose. That power is used most commonly, but not exclusively, for road and utility projects. Those whose property may be taken by eminent domain […]

The costs of raising a child are substantial. The family court system helps offset these expenses through child support. Child support is an obligation to support your child which is generally set by a court order. The payment of child support is meant to cover basic support costs. These basic costs include food, shelter, clothing, transportation, and incidental […]

Invariably, every parent is confronted with questions about video games for his or her kids. Knowing that video games top many wish lists for holiday gift giving, we thought a little inside information on the topic might be helpful. Happy holidays! As entertainment publishers crank out the big video game titles just in time for […]

It doesn’t matter whether you’re rich or poor. White- or blue-collar. College educated or never finished high school. Opioid abuse, injuries and deaths are plaguing millions of Americans from all walks of life. Now we know that the drug companies that make these drugs used aggressive marketing and questionable research to convince us that these […]

One of the most rewarding aspects of our job is to help courageous people stand up for their rights and recover from what are often terrible circumstances. Here are the stories of several remarkable people who have turned tragedy into action Motivated by tragic circumstances in their own lives and a passion to help others, […]

ATVs have become wildly popular in the U.S., with more than 11 million ATVs and 35 million riders. Unfortunately, ATV accidents and injuries are all too common. Here are safety tips and resources you might consider for the ATV riders in your life. Start your engines! Summer is here, and the longer, warmer days bring […]

Wisconsin ought to trumpet this warning: From now on, the owners of shady door-to-door sales businesses had better steer their traveling crews away from Wisconsin. Thanks to a Dunn County court decision, this state has pierced the corporate veil these unscrupulous operators hide behind to escape responsibility for assaults and other crimes committed by members […]