Category: Opioid Crisis

The number of people suffering, and all too often dying, from prescription drug abuse is staggering. And the epidemic is growing exponentially, fueled by the prevalence of opiate painkillers. Here’s an overview on cause and prevention. In April, musician and icon Prince died in his home from an accidental overdose of the prescription opioid fentanyl. In September, […]

The rise of the opioid epidemic has swept up thousands of people into our criminal justice system over the last decade. Prior representing clients in private practice, I served as an Assistant District Attorney in Milwaukee County for approximately six years. As a prosecutor I saw firsthand that drug crimes cut through all socio-economic classifications. Stated differently, substance […]

It doesn’t matter whether you’re rich or poor. White- or blue-collar. College educated or never finished high school. Opioid abuse, injuries and deaths are plaguing millions of Americans from all walks of life. Now we know that the drug companies that make these drugs used aggressive marketing and questionable research to convince us that these […]