Category: Employment Litigation

Employees and applicants with arrest and conviction records pose unique concerns for Wisconsin employers. Seemingly conflicting legal obligations flank the employer’s pathway for hiring and firing individuals with criminal records. To walk that path with a sure foot, employers must be familiar with Wisconsin law and implement strategies for compliance. On the one hand, employers […]

That was the case in Oakland until a group of 90 of them got together and hired a lawyer. They filed a claim alleging that they were paid less than $7.50 an hour for the work they did. The lawsuit alleged that the cheerleaders had to appear at events for free, were required to drive […]

Employees in the state of Wisconsin, like employees everywhere, might sometimes wonder what is contained within the employee file maintained by their employer. After a new employee finishes their initial paperwork (i.e. designating an emergency contact and completing an I-9 form), these files may seem like a black hole – information goes in, but it never […]

The ballot box and the courthouse are two pillars of democracy that have long defined American democracy. We have embraced the notion of one person one vote, and the ability to have our disagreements resolved by a jury of our peers. These ideals have come under attack in Wisconsin this year and the result is bad […]