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Unfortunately, discharge is still a big part of the economic climate. Three years after the beginning of the economic crisis, many employers are still firing valuable employees to preserve their bottom line. Often, these firings are accompanied by a document with a title like Severance Agreement or Termination Agreement. These documents are often presented to […]

Swimming through mounds of paperwork, running to make appointments and cycling across changes in the business climate are common elements in the lives of busy professionals. And while competition in the business world breeds success, some professionals are swimming, running and biking for a different competition: the fourth annual Ironman Wisconsin Triathlon. On Sept. 11, […]

The Eminent Domain Process In Wisconsin; A General Overview Chapter 32 of the Wisconsin Statutes lists the entities entitled to use eminent domain powers to take private property for a public purpose. That power is used most commonly, but not exclusively, for road and utility projects. Those whose property may be taken by eminent domain […]