Year: 2019

Thanksgiving dinner at your house this year? Throwing a holiday or New Year’s party? Driving to or from any of these festivities? As we prepare to celebrate with friends and family, here are a few tips to get everyone home safe and sound! Holiday parties can create a legal hangover if guests are injured or […]

The Residential Rental Practices Code requires landlords to maintain their rental properties in a reasonably safe manner. The landlord is also required to tell potential renters of any dangerous condition that the landlord knows about or should have known about if they did a reasonable inspection. The code can be found at: The purpose of the […]

For five years now, the federal government has offered a program that attempts to erase student loans for those students who were defrauded by their schools. But for several years, the Department of Education under the previous administration gave minimal (if any) relief to borrowers. Under the new administration, the Department of Education has reversed […]

All of us use hazardous substances in our homes. To prevent accidental poisoning or exposure, it is important that we recognize these hazards and store these products safely. Check out helpful resources and tips in this issue of You Should Know A woman in South Jordan, Utah, was recently poisoned when she ordered sweet tea […]

With the kids back in school and Halloween around the corner, fall is in full swing. We hope you and your loved ones had a wonderful summer. This newsletter features safety tips for those of you hoping to help aging relatives stay in their homes. Nearly everyone nearing retirement age will tell you they would […]

Forced arbitration is considered by many as a dire and growing threat to our constitutional right to an open and unbiased hearing in court. Yet most Americans have never even heard of it. Take a minute and learn how this issue effects all of us. Tia’s employment case against Circuit City was thrown out of […]

If you aren’t grilling already, you probably will be soon – or at least joining friends and family for a festive summer barbeque. So whether you are wearing the apron or are just a hungry bystander, here are some timely tips on fun and safe grilling. Ah, there it is — the unmistakable aroma of […]

That was the case in Oakland until a group of 90 of them got together and hired a lawyer. They filed a claim alleging that they were paid less than $7.50 an hour for the work they did. The lawsuit alleged that the cheerleaders had to appear at events for free, were required to drive […]

Attorney Briane Pagel blogs about ways you can protect yourself against repossession. Missing payments on your auto loan doesn’t mean you have to lose your car. Wisconsin law offers protections for auto owners who are struggling financially, and lenders who do not follow the rules may have to give you back all the money you’ve paid them, plus […]

Ally Financial, Inc., has filed a petition with the U.S. Supreme Court to “decertify” a class action filed against it in Missouri; this case has implications for Wisconsin consumers as well. In the case, Ally is accused of illegally repossession cars in Missouri by not giving proper written notice to the car owners. A class action […]