Attorney Briane Pagel blogs about ways you can protect yourself against repossession.

Missing payments on your auto loan doesn’t mean you have to lose your car. Wisconsin law offers protections for auto owners who are struggling financially, and lenders who do not follow the rules may have to give you back all the money you’ve paid them, plus let you keep your car.

Our lawyers are familiar with Wisconsin laws such as the Wisconsin Consumer Act and other rules that provide special protections for people who are unable to make payments on their vehicle loans. These rules mean you don’t have to turn your car over, you can demand a court hearing before losing your car, and you may not have to pay anything if the lender hasn’t treated you fairly.

Over the past few years our lawyers have obtained hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage awards for our clients who were at risk of losing their vehicles, and often can do so without charging you any money.

If you have missed payments on your vehicle loan, had a vehicle repossessed, or are worried that you will in the future, call now to consult with our experienced consumer protection attorneys and let us guide you through this process.

Even before you call, here are some steps you can take to protect your rights in your vehicle:

  • Don’t surrender your vehicle to anyone. You do not have to turn over your vehicle to a lender or anyone else unless they have a court order requiring you to do so. If someone tries to get you to turn your vehicle in, or tells you they are going to take it, tell them you object to their taking the vehicle, and then call our lawyers. Often simply saying you object to their taking car will make them legally unable to seize your vehicle.
  • Demand written notice of your rights. Most vehicle purchases are governed by a Wisconsin law that requires a written notice of any problems the lender claims exist on your loan, with a period of time for you to examine the claims and rectify any problems. If your lender is saying there is a problem on your loan (such as a missed payment) demand proof in writing.
  • Limit harassing phone calls. Tell anyone who contacts you about a loan problem that they must contact you in writing, and that they cannot call your cell phone or call you at work. Under certain state and federal laws, collectors may be subject to claims for damages if they contact you after you tell them this. Hiring us as your lawyers can further limit those calls, so don’t wait to call us.
  • Lenders and debt collectors have limits on what they can do to repossess your vehicle. Let our lawyers help protect your family’s transportation. Call us now.
Author: LawtonCates

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