Raiderettes Settle Wage Theft Claim for $1.25 Million

That was the case in Oakland until a group of 90 of them got together and hired a lawyer. They filed a claim alleging that they were paid less than $7.50 an hour for the work they did. The lawsuit alleged that the cheerleaders had to appear at events for free, were required to drive to events, buy costumes, use specific hairstylists, and incur other expenses. The Raiders refused to pay for any of these expenses according the lawsuit.

One of the cheerleaders claimed that she had to pay $650 out of her pocket, which is a lot of money considering the cheerleaders made about $1,250 for the season. The Raiders refused to pay for practice time, mandatory appearances, and other work related functions. The cheerleaders worked around 350 hours a year and averaged $3.57 per hour.

The lawsuit led the Raiders to change their policies, and they started paying their cheerleaders $9.00 plus overtime. There are several other wage theft claims involving NFL cheerleaders that are pending around the country.

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Author: LawtonCates

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