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A young man being arrested by a police officer

Know Your Rights Nobody ever wants to be arrested, but unfortunately, it does happen. Knowing your rights and how the law applies to you is crucial if you are ever in this situation. Knowing your Miranda Rights can help protect you from self-incrimination and ensure you receive fair treatment from law enforcement officers. This blog […]

Often times when a police officer makes an arrest, the officer will also seize your personal property. Depending on the facts of the arrest and the type of property seized by the police, reclaiming the property can be a long and frustrating process. This article briefly discusses the general authority of the police to seize property […]

When someone is arrested and charged with a crime it is typically a very stressful period in that person’s life. The anxiety of not knowing with what will happen next creates a tremendous amount of stress. This blog explains the typical process of a criminal case beginning with an arrest through the completion of the court case. The […]

On June 30, 2013, Governor Scott Walker signed into law substantial changes to Wisconsin’s statutes governing the extraction and use of Deoxyribonucleic acid (“DNA”) information from people forced into the criminal justice system. These recent changes in the law raise interesting policy issues such as to what extent does our interest in apprehending and punishing criminals […]

I was asked recently whether a citizen needs to identify himself/herself to a law enforcement officer. Watch this short video below to find out. If you feel you need attorneys in Madison, contact us.

In this video, I talk about the most common issue I hear from people after interacting with a police officer, which is “the police did not read me my rights.” I explain what your rights are and why we call them Miranda rights. I also explain how the police try to avoid having to advise […]

Almost six years ago, a jury found Mark Jensen guilty of first degree intentional homicide for the December 3, 1998, death of his wife Julie. It was big news at the time and for the years following Mr. Jensen’s conviction. The case was a profound tragedy that had some unique facts. At the center of […]

I received a call recently from a gentleman who was on probation and his agent was attempting to revoke his probation and send him back to jail. When I recommended that he obtain an attorney to fight for him he asked, “why would I need an attorney if I am probation?” This made me realize that […]

1. Post Arrest For our purposes, suppose the police arrested Mr. Smith based on an eyewitness statement that Mr. Smith entered a home, seemingly without consent, caused some property damage, and took some property from the home. After a brief investigation, the police locate Mr. Smith and arrest him. The police drive Mr. Smith to the police […]