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Children can be injured in a number of ways, from automobile accidents, to ATV injuries, to injuries from dogs. When a child is injured, the laws in Wisconsin provide some special protections. Children have a longer statute of limitations, special rules of negligence, and special protections from the court at the time of settlement. The […]

The costs of raising a child are substantial. The family court system helps offset these expenses through child support. Child support is an obligation to support your child which is generally set by a court order. The payment of child support is meant to cover basic support costs. These basic costs include food, shelter, clothing, transportation, and incidental […]

Kevin and Amy Summers have always considered themselves responsible citizens. They live modestly, pay their taxes and make sure their family is covered by insurance. But when the Appleton couple’s then 3-year-old son, Parker, was diagnosed with a rare form of brain cancer in 2002, their carefully constructed safety net turned out to be illusory. […]