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In a quiet corner of Sun Prairie, Wisconsin, a battle has been raging for nearly two years. It all began with the promise of a new development next door to the Thomas family home, which had been standing since the 1800s. This development was set to bring back Glass Nickel Pizza, a local business destroyed […]

Contractors have the ability to use liens to protect their ability to get paid for the work they have done. Generally speaking, a lien is a legal interest in someone else’s property that a creditor, in this case the contractor, possesses until the debt is paid. Various parties involved in a construction project can get […]

Debt collectors rely on pressure to get people to pay: pressure from constant phone calls, letters, and threats of lawsuits, as well as lawsuits themselves. All of this pressure is intended to get debtors to pay them, even if the debtors can’t afford to do so. Debt collectors do not care if you are unemployed, […]