LawtonCates Collects $81,500 for Client Scammed by Car Dealer

LawtonCates recently won a case involving a dealership misrepresenting the quality and value of a vehicle it sold to our client.

The Grant County dealership sold a used vehicle to our client without properly and legally disclosing the issues with the vehicle. The vehicle then broke down, and the dealership repossessed it – even though our client was not in default on their loan, the car could not be repaired, and the dealership did not provide notice of repossession.

After demanding additional payments from our client, the dealership failed to return the vehicle and attempted to resell it.

In court, our team successfully proved that the dealership violated several Wisconsin laws, including theft, committing an illegal nonjudicial repossession, and committing unconscionable acts in the course of business.

The court awarded our client $81,500 in damages and attorney’s fees.

Have You Been Scammed by a Car Dealer?

Consumer protection laws are designed to protect everyday people from scams, especially those involving large purchases. If you have bought a defective vehicle or faced unfair behavior from a car dealer, Wisconsin Lemon Law and other state statutes exist to protect your rights.

LawtonCates simply helps ensure that the law works for you, just like we did for our client in this case. We can also help you if you have fallen behind on a car loan or face aggressive debt collection tactics from creditors.

If you have been scammed by a car dealer or are struggling to keep up with your car loan, do not hesitate to discuss your situation with our committed team.

We offer free, confidential consultations – call us at (608) 282-6200 or contact us online to schedule yours today.

Author: LawtonCates

At LawtonCates, we take fighting for accident victims very seriously. It’s how we’ve always done it for six-plus decades as a reputable South Central Wisconsin law practice. Our lawyers are passionate about helping people get back on their feet because we know their health, livelihood, and future are at stake.