Used Car Dealer Ordered by Jury to Pay Punitive Damages to Buyer

Most people believe that when it comes to used cars, it’s “buyer beware.” But Wisconsin law actually requires used car dealers to make a reasonable inspection before selling the car, and disclosing any defects they find to any potential buyers. Used car dealers also may have an obligation to make repairs on defects they did not discover.

These were the laws used by a Milwaukee County jury last week to award $3500 in compensation, and another $7000 in punitive damages, to two people who had purchased a used car from a dealer in Milwaukee, only to find that it had significant defects that the dealer refused to repair. LawtonCates’ consumer lawyers took the dealer to court, and after a two-day trial the jury agreed that the dealer had violated Wisconsin laws in numerous ways.

If you have purchased a new or used car that has undisclosed problems, contact LawtonCates law firm in Madison WI today for a free consultation to see what your remedies may be.

Author: LawtonCates

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