Attorney James Olson Spearheads Environmental Initiative


Jim Olson, Wisconsin resident and attorney at LawtonCates, is spearheading an essential environmental initiative in the state. This initiative, focused on the “home lake” rule, targets wake boats to address the critical issue of the spread of aquatic invasive species in the state’s lakes.

Olson’s petition to the Department of Natural Resources proposes a key solution: restricting wake boats to a single lake unless they are certified as free of invasive species. This proactive approach, necessary due to a legislative deadlock on regulating wake boats, exemplifies LawtonCates’ commitment to environmental protection.

Wake Boats: the Hidden Danger to Our Lakes

The initiative is not just a legal pursuit; it’s a vital environmental safeguard. Wake boats, often used for recreational activities like surfing and tubing, have large ballast tanks that can harbor invasive species like zebra mussels and spiny water fleas. When these boats move between different water bodies without proper decontamination, they risk introducing these species into new ecosystems.

These invasive species can cause significant ecological harm, disrupting local aquatic systems and threatening native species.

LawtonCates: Fostering Responsible Environmental Practices

LawtonCates’ support for this initiative underlines the firm’s dedication to promoting sustainable practices and protecting Wisconsin’s natural beauty for future generations. The firm’s involvement in such a crucial environmental cause highlights its role in fostering responsible ecological stewardship.

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Author: LawtonCates

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