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Expert Attorneys Blog about issues that matter to Wisconsin Residents.
What Happens When I Go To Court? The Initial Appearance.
As a criminal defense attorney, I often speak with people who are either the subject of a police investigation or they have been recently arrested. One of the questions that I get most often is when will I go to court and what will happen? To most, the criminal court process is unfamiliar and can be intimidating. This blog will assume a hypothetical client has been arrested and is facing criminal charges. For sake of clarity, I will break down the actions that typically occur between the time the police arrest a suspect through the initial court appearance. Future blogs will discuss what generally occurs at each subsequent stage of the criminal court process.
The Dangers of Sexting in Wisconsin
Almost everyone these days has a cell phone. Everyday mobile technology is improving and making it easier for all of us to communicate with one another. An unintended consequence of this technology is the explosion of “sexting” in Wisconsin and other states. This blog briefly discusses the potential legal consequences of “sexting” in Wisconsin and offers some practical suggestions to reduce or eliminate the possibility of you getting involved in a sexting investigation.
Social Media and Your Workers' Compensation Claim
Make sure that what you are posting on social media is not getting in the way of your workers' compensation claim.
Protect Your Privacy Rights in the Digital Era
Make sure that your privacy rights are protected.
It Can Wait #x
The It Can Wait campaign is the newest widespread effort against texting and driving. It allows you to pause the conversation until you are done driving.
Texting and Driving - Potential Criminal Charges?
Attorney Dave Stegall discusses how texting while driving can lead to bad outcomes ranging from receiving a civil citation to causing an otherwise avoidable accident. Learn how to be a safer, more informed driver by reading Dave's five points about Wisconsin's inattentive driving prohibition, which includes texting while driving.
Raiderettes Settle Wage Theft Claim for $1.25 Million
In the NFL, where the owners are billionaires and the players multi-millionaires, the cheerleaders are often not paid minimum wage.
Texting and Driving
Attorney Dixon Gahnz blogs about the tragic texting and driving statistics.
Automobile Insurance Basics
Protect yourself and your family by understanding basic insurance information. Attorney Dixon Gahnz provides information about different types of automobile insurance coverage and some common exclusions. Because each policy is different and contains specific terms and conditions, Gahnz comments that you should read your insurance policy carefully and review any questions with the agent or an attorney.
Can We Really Just Drive Away From A Police Officer?
A recent media headline: The Wisconsin Supreme Court ruled that a driver is free to ignore a cop who walks up and knocks on the window -- even free to drive away. This is one of many similar headlines that would lead us to believe we have nothing to fear by driving away when a cop knocks on our car window. Is this really true? Attorney Dave Stegall addresses the confusion caused by the recent court decision in this blog post. He explains the facts related to the case. He also provides information about what you need to know if a police officer comes knocking on your window.
Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Injured Person in Crash with a Police Car
Is a police officer immune from liability when he runs a red light and hits someone driving through an intersection? Read Attorney Dixon Gahnz' blog about a recent Supreme Court decision that affects the impact of jury decisions in our civil jury system.
Know How to Use, Clean and Store Your Grill Properly
You might be surprised at what you don't know about the proper use and storage of your grill. Take a second to review this list of precautions and prevent a grill or propane fire from ruining your summer fun.
Make the Cut: Keep Your Resume Off the “Needs Further Review” or “No” Pile
Looking for a job? Want tips on how to get your resume noticed by prospective employers? This blog provides ideas you should consider.
Construction Liens
Attorney Dan Lenz blogs about construction liens.
Jensen Case
Attorney David Stegall blogs about the Jensen case, where a man was convicted of murdering his wife. The conviction has recently been appealed on the grounds that his wife actually may have committed suicide and framed her husband.
Legal Separation versus Divorce in Wisconsin
Lawton & Cates blogs about the two options that are available for spouses who wish to separate. These include legal separation and divorce. In this blog, she compares the two in order to help you understand which would be most beneficial for you.
Dual Representation
An Attorney blogs about the idea of dual representation, both parties having the same attorney. This is prohibited in Wisconsin and she explains why this is. This blog also talks about the option of mediation and how this can be a useful option in a divorce.
Temporary Orders
An Attorney blogs about obtaining a temporary order while your divorce is pending. This blog both explains what a temporary order is and how to go about getting one while you are going through a divorce.
Social Media and Litigation
Social media in today's litigation is on the rise. This blog explains how litigators are using an opposing party's social media pages to find valuable and easy-to-access evidence. She explains how to avoid this from happening in your litigation.
Criminal Defense: Can The Police Take a Sample of My DNA?
Attorney David Stegall blogs about your rights regarding the police taking samples of your DNA. This blog explains the old law on DNA extraction and the new law that Governor Scott Walker signed in June 2013.