Attorneys Fight Human Trafficking with Civil Litigation

When courageous people step forward and seek accountability through our system of civil justice, good things happen. Manufacturers make safer products. Health care providers improve care. Employers create safer working conditions. Now the brave survivors of human trafficking are turning to the civil justice system for accountability, as you will read in this month’s newsletter. Their victories against the perpetrators of these crimes could someday help end a form of modern-day slavery that has ensnared millions of men, women and children around the world.

MYTH: Human trafficking in the U.S. involves only foreign nationals or immigrants.
FACT: Thousands of American citizens, including children, are victims too

MYTH: Victims of human trafficking will immediately ask for help and identify themselves.
FACT: For many reasons, including threats and intimidation, victims tend not to come forward without support

MYTH: The only way to stop human trafficking is through criminal prosecution.
FACT: Attorneys are helping the victims of human trafficking by holding the perpetrators accountable for their crimes through civil litigation.

Author: LawtonCates

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