Auto Dealer Pays $22,500 to Settle Illegal Conduct Claims

Auto Dealer Agrees To Pay $22,500 To Resolve Claims Of Illegal Conduct.

Kunes Mad City, Kunes Mad City Mitsubishi of Madison, Inc., and Kunes Auto Group agreed to resolve claims brought by a LawtonCates client by paying $22,500 to settle the matter.

The plaintiff in the case alleged in her complaint that Kunes had allowed her to leave with a car after telling her that Kunes had arranged a car loan for her through a third-party lender, but that the lender later told her it had not made a car loan. The plaintiff then alleged that she tried to make payments directly to Kunes, and to cooperate with them in finding a new lender, but that ultimately Kunes repossessed the car from her. The plaintiff alleged that Kunes had violated the Wisconsin Consumer Act by including an illegal venue clause in its contract and by violating the obligation of good faith. She further alleged that Kunes’ conduct was unconscionable. Kunes denied those allegations and the settlement says that Kunes continues to deny any unlawful or wrongful acts, and that the settlement was not an admission that Kunes had done anything illegal.

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