Closed School Loses Third Motion to Dismiss, must Face Trial over Student Claims that School Misrepresented Educational Benefits to them.

Brensten Education, which closed in January 2016, must go to a jury trial on claims brought against it by former students, Judge Pedro Colon in Milwaukee ruled recently.

The former students, represented by Briane Pagel and LawtonCates filed suit in 2017, alleging that Brensten’s radio advertisements were misleading and that Brensten failed to deliver on its contractual obligations to the students, including a failure to help students with their employment search until they found their first job.

Brensten, along with three former executives at the school, has tried three times to get some or all of the case dismissed, with only limited success on certain claims; of the 22 students who filed suit originally, 17 students have been allowed to bring their claims to trial, with each claiming damages in the tens of thousands of dollars.

No trial date has been set at this time. If you feel you have been the victim of a school that did not follow through on its promises to you, contact LawtonCates for a free consultation with one of our consumer protection lawyers.

Author: LawtonCates

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