Family’s Search for Answers Uncovers Fatal Flaw in GM Cars

Revelations that GM chose profit over safety highlight once again why it is so important to stand up for every American’s constitutional right to pursue justice in a court of law. It is the great equalizer between the individual and the powerful.

On March 10, 2010, Brooke Melton experienced the worst kind of déjà vu. Four days earlier, she had wrestled her 2005 GM Cobalt to the side of the road after the engine suddenly shut off. The car was serviced and supposedly fixed, but it happened again, cutting off power to her steering and brakes. This time the pediatric nurse, described by those who knew her as “sweet and caring,” lost control and swerved into another car. She died in the collision. Brooke was on her way to celebrate her 29th birthday with her boyfriend.

At the hospital, Brooke’s father bent over and whispered in his daughter’s ear that he would find out what happened that terrible night. The Meltons would exercise their right to seek justice and, like many brave Americans before them, ultimately make this a safer world for us all.

Author: LawtonCates

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