The Dealer is Telling Me They Can't Fix My Car Because of the Chip Shortage

The dealer is telling me they can’t fix my car because of the chip shortage. Am I still covered under the lemon law?

By now we’ve all heard about the computer chip shortage and staffing problems brought on by supply chain disruptions and changes in consumer behavior resulting from The Dealer is Telling Me They Can’t Fix My Car Because of the Chip Shortagethe Covid-19 pandemic. The chip shortage and staffing shortages have also caused problems for new vehicle owners trying to get their cars, trucks, motorcycles or RVs fixed pursuant to the vehicle’s warranty.

Modern vehicles are increasingly dependent on computer chips to run properly. When you experience a breakdown, chances are very good that the problem is caused by a software problem that can only be solved by replacing one or more computerized components.

If the manufacturer cannot get your vehicle repaired within four repair visits or if your vehicle is out of service for more than 30 days during your first year of ownership, it doesn’t matter if the failure to repair is caused by parts or staffing shortage, as long as the shortage is not caused by a labor strike. In short, if they can’t fix your vehicle within the requirements of the lemon law due to the chip shortage or Covid-19 related staffing shortage, it doesn’t matter, you still have a lemon law claim.

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