Why You Should Seek Compensation for Your Bicycle Accident

man riding a bike outside

Recently, WMTV interviewed Attorney Terry Polich about bicycle crashes in Madison. As an experienced personal injury attorney, Mr. Polich has seen his fair share of these.

According to Attorney Polich, “dooring” is among the most common bike accidents in the area. These are “incidents where someone is going past a car and the person in the car opens the door and hits the bicyclist,” he says.

Our firm always encourages victims of bike crashes to seek financial compensation. Here are some reasons why.

Bike Accidents Require Special Attention

Determining fault in a biking accident is complicated. It often requires expert testimony from doctors. These professionals can help reconstruct an accident by pinpointing specific injuries and how they were sustained.

The case may also require testimony from safety experts who can also help explain how an accident occurred.

You need an attorney to help sift through all these layers. With their investigative skills, they can seek out the right people to testify on your behalf, revealing how someone else’s negligence resulted in your pain.

Legal Aspects of a Biking Accident

By law, bicycles have every right to share the road with any other vehicle. Moreover, bike riders may have no other choice. In Wisconsin, it is illegal to ride your bike on the sidewalk, unless that area is specifically designated for bikers.

Motorists often swerve or dodge around bicyclists, disregarding their space on the road. This creates a dangerous environment for vulnerable people on bikes.

A lawyer can help you uncover a driver’s negligence in a biking accident. Drivers may be guilty of yielding right-of-way. They often make improper turns around bikers or fail to pay close attention. Speeding and risk-taking are always a problem, especially around bicyclists. Your attorney can show the court how the driver failed to take proper precautions, resulting in your harm.

Compensation You Can Receive From a Bicycle Crash

If you’ve been hurt in a biking incident, you can have your medical bills recovered. Any work you lost can be reimbursed as well. For injuries that impact the rest of your life, you can also receive compensation for the loss of any future income. You may also be entitled to compensation for the pain and suffering you endured.

If the driver was grossly negligent, you may also be eligible to receive punitive damages. This is extra compensation the plaintiff must pay as punishment for their behavior.

Our firm is ready to represent victims of biking accidents. For a free consultation, call (608) 282-6200 today or contact us online.

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