Work From Home Victims May Be Able to Recover Money They Invested Along With Fair Wages for the Work They Performed

In the past few years, there has been a rise in “work from home” businesses which claim to let a person choose their own hours and make thousands of dollars in their spare time or while watching their children. Often, these companies require the “worker” to pay up front to purchase equipment and training, and even after that the workers do not earn the kind of money that was promised by the employer.

recent article from ProPublica detailed stories of people who paid several thousand dollars to become “call center” employees, ultimately earning less than $3 per hour, and having to pay hefty service charges. Some of those people have sued successfully for lost wages, and at times have had the awards doubled.

In Wisconsin, companies cannot misrepresent the truth to you in order to get you to use their services. This would include any company that makes unfulfilled promises about what you can earn working from home, and which does not provide accurate information about how the program works or how much it costs you.

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Author: LawtonCates

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