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A federal judge ruled Monday that a jury should decide if Oscar Mayer production workers should get paid for time spent putting on and taking off safety and sanitation equipment required by federal law and the company.In denying Oscar Mayer’s motion to dismiss the suit brought by four employees, District Judge John Shabaz concluded that […]

In 2010, the U.S. Census recorded 40 million Americans aged 65 or older. By 2050 that number will double! The long-term care industry has exploded, posting more than $300 billion in profits in 2015 alone. Unfortunately, some providers treat residents as a commodity rather than patients. Abuse, assault, fraud and forced arbitration contracts have become […]

Revelations that GM chose profit over safety highlight once again why it is so important to stand up for every American’s constitutional right to pursue justice in a court of law. It is the great equalizer between the individual and the powerful. On March 10, 2010, Brooke Melton experienced the worst kind of déjà vu. […]

Many people try to pursue a Lemon Law claim on their own without hiring an attorney. After all, the Lemon Law is supposed to be a self-enforcing consumer statute, providing lemon owners with a full refund or a comparable new vehicle. What can possibly go wrong? The answer is, unfortunately, plenty. Despite lawmakers’ intent in […]

Debt collectors rely on pressure to get people to pay: pressure from constant phone calls, letters, and threats of lawsuits, as well as lawsuits themselves. All of this pressure is intended to get debtors to pay them, even if the debtors can’t afford to do so. Debt collectors do not care if you are unemployed, […]

(Madison Wisconsin) Federal District Court Judge Crabb entered an order finding that Kraft Foods Global, Inc. violated Wisconsin law by failing to pay workers wages for putting on and taking off employer mandated gear. The court found that it was undisputed that Kraft required its workers to put on safety gear, and other protective clothing […]

James JW. Gardner has become a Fellow of the American College of Trial Lawyers, one of the premier legal associations in America. The induction ceremony at which James Gardner became a Fellow took place recently before an audience of 1,020 persons during the recent 2005 Annual Meeting of the College in Chicago, Illinois. Founded in […]